Benjamin was born in Paris and grown up in south of France where he developed his passion for drawings, books and comics, animation and video games, and create his colorfull, delicate but strong universe.

He worked first as a characters designer in Paris and started to work at On/Off agency .
Then he worked for MILLE IMAGES during 2 years for finally working with DUPUIS AUDIOVISUEL for " Le petit Spirou" cartoon.

Then he  started to worked for A.P.C and develop immediately an eye and reflexion for fashion designs and concepts in jersey and knitted prints technics.

Benjamin started to worked as Art Director and graphic artist and concept at RAD, and finished his formation in textile printed technics. 

Benjamin is now style based in Paris and is working as a Head graphic artist and textile designer for STANLEY STELLA in Bruxelles and Antwerp.

He cares about the entire product developpement, and the brand graphic art direction, working closely with art director and communication team, he is in charge of concept , drawings, realisation and vector files. He is in charge with all the machines system for print, embroidery, digital and other technics to name a few. 

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